The Trail

The Trailblazer trail generally follows the Linear, Yurebilla and Heysen Trails from Pinky Flat to Kuitpo Forest Information Centre (100km).  Maps and directions are available online and you will also receive a hard copy when you register.

There are seven checkpoints along the full length of the trail and it is here that your team will be required to check in and through (together remember).  These sites are spread10-18km apart and allow teams to rest, revive and meet up with support crews.  Checkpoints also provide participants with basic food, hydration and first aid supplies.

Support Crews

It is essential (34, 50 and 100km teams) to get together a groups of mates to act as your support crew. They will meet you along the trail and/or at the checkpoints and supply you with your key nutritional needs as well as handing over those spare socks, warm clothes and the occasional bucket of lollies to you going.

The Perfect Womens Sandals

Choosing The Perfect Womens Sandals

As the weather heats up, stay on trend with an attention-grabbing pair of womens sandals. There are so many styles to choose from, from flirty espadrilles to the powerful gladiator style. Slide-ons make it easy to look effortlessly pulled together even if you don’t have a lot of time to get ready. How do you decide which style would look best for you? It all comes down to event, price, and personal preference.


Understanding what event you will be dressing for is critical to choosing the right pair of womens sandals. Are you dressing for a date or a day out at the park? Is it an upscale dinner party or a casual evening with friends? The formality of the event will dictate your choices and help you eliminate many pairs of sandals right away.
If you are going out on a date, you might want to try a pair of T-strap sandals with unique embellishments like beading or fringe, which gives just a little bit of flirty flair to the rest of your outfit. A date is always a fun event, so make sure your sandals look nice but aren’t too formal.

For a day at the park, think about what would be most comfortable for several hours of Frisbee, lounging in the grass, or walking. Look for womens sandals that have good arch support and come in fun colors.

An upscale dinner party means that you can quickly eliminate casual sandals from your options. You want to look formal and put-together. Pick sandals with gold or silver accents, or are made of leather. If you have a pair of sandals that can be dressed up or down, make sure to dress up the rest of your outfit so they match the formality of the occasion.

A casual evening with friends, like a front-porch barbeque, means you don’t have to worry too much about your sandals! Keep it cute – think about those womens sandals you’ve had forever and go with everything, or the pair you love to wear with jeans or shorts.


Your budget will play an important role in the pair of womens sandals you choose. Identify your price range and stick with it! There may be a pair of womens sandals you have your heart set on, but if they’re out of your price range, get creative and see if you can find sandals that are similar but less expensive. There’s bound to be a match for you.

Personal Preference

Everyone’s personal style is different. If you love bold colors, find a pair of womens sandals in eye-catching neon or spicy animal print. If your look is more classic, try on leather or faux-leather womens sandals in a timeless T-strap or espadrille style. You’ll look stylish no matter what.

Summer Women’s Sandals

Summer Women’s Sandals

Beaches are heating up. Boots are being put away. It’s now time to grab your favourite women’s sandals and get ready for summer. Whether you are the flip-flop type who prefers casual t-shirts and cut-off shorts, or the dress-up type who wants to flatter long, toned legs with a great wedge, there is a summer sandal style you will love.

Women’s Sandals Styles

Thongs – Think ‘flip-flops’. This style has a vee- strap that connects between your toes for easy slip-on and slip-off wear. Casual and fun, these sandals are great for summer weekends at the beach.

Lace-ups – Elegant and slimming, these sandals have long straps that wind around your ankle and up your calf. Lace, leather and other materials can be used for the straps, each lending a unique look to the sandals and your outfits. Womens sandals

Flats – When you want to be a bit more dressy, but still comfortable, flats are the way to go. These women’s sandals have no heel.

Of course, there are plenty of other styles. T-straps, criss-cross straps, high-heeled and more allow women to choose heel heights, comfortable patterns, and different looks.

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Compliment Your Wardrobe

Did you know a classic pair of sandals can compliment many outfits? A T-strap in a neutral tone can be worn to the office and to baseball practice for your son. Jeweled flats can be worn with your beach cover-up or your best mini-skirt and tank-top. Pick a pair of bold-colored women’s sandals to compliment all of the eye-popping color schemes of summer. Great sandals can stretch your wardrobe, making new looks out of old clothes. Just use your imagination and some fantastic accessories.

Focal Point Sandals

This year instead of putting emphasis on a great top or a slimming skirt, let your feet do the talking. Pick a pair of tropical-colored sandals (think lime greens or vivid oranges) in a figure-flattering style. Use neutral-toned clothing to draw the attention to your feet and legs. Make sure you have a great pedicure to make those sandals ‘pop’.

Sandals Advantages

Use your sandals to your advantage. Do you have a show-stopping maxi dress, but it is too long? Wedges will give you the lift you need without having to hem that dress. Are you tall, with long, sexy legs? Attract attention in a stunning pair of fancy flats. Wrap white silky straps up and around your ankles to show off slim legs and warm summer tans.

Women’s sandals are perfect for every outfit and every body. Try on a pair today.

Shopping Sandals Online

Why You Might Want to Shopping for Sandals Online

With the summer quickly approaching, more and more women are realising that it’s time to get into the perfect pair of sandals. One of the issues that come with shoe shopping is that it can be frustrating, expensive and even daunting. You might go into a local shoe store only to find that they don’t carry your size or nothing on the shelves strikes your fancy. You might have an image in your head for the perfect pair of sandals, only to find that you can’t find them locally. This is why a lot of women have chosen to do all of their shopping for sandals online. You’ll have a greater selection available to you when shopping for sandals online, and you can save a significant amount of money.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that there are dozens of stores that sell Brand House Direct Womens Sandals. This makes it practically goof-proof to find the pair that’s right for you. While you might not be able to try on the sandals online as opposed to shopping locally, there are many sizing charts available to make picking out the right size a breeze. Plus, the majority of stores online have pretty reasonable return policies, so you can quickly and effortlessly return any shoes that don’t fit well or that you just don’t like the look of after receiving them at home.

womens sandals online

If you’re thinking that buying sandals online is the right option for you, it’s time to find a reputable store that sells the right products. Don’t be afraid to spend a few hours comparison shopping before making the final decision. Once you purchase your new sandals online, they’ll be shipped to your home quickly and discreetly. The great thing about buying sandals online is that you can try them in the privacy of your own home to tell if you truly like the way they look and feel. This eliminates the chance that you’ll try a pair of shoes on in the store only to find that you don’t like them when you get home. This happens a lot more often than many women care to admit, and it’s frustrating to have to return a pair of sandals when you already tried them on and thought they looked fine.

There are so many reasons for you to buy your sandals online, but the most important thing to remember is that there are a lot of reputable sites for you to use the next time you make the decision to do some shopping. Look for sandals according to the quality and how much you’re going to be spending just so that you can have them shipped to your own home to try on.

Women’s Sandals For Summer

Women’s Sandals For Summer

Sandals have been a necessity for hundreds of years. Sandals are more than footwear, you can make a statement with a fashionable pair of sandals. Women’s sandals have a dual usage. They can be casual everyday footwear, and they can be worn on special occasions. A pair of stylish sandals can turn heads. A fashionable pair of sandals can make any woman look classy. With regard to women’s sandals, comfort should always be the deciding factor. Fortunately, women’s sandals can be comfortable and fashionable. Women’s sandals are available in several different styles, so you can find a few pairs of sandals for every outfit.

Match the Occasion
When you are choosing a pair of sandals, the occasion is the most significant concern. A lovely pair of rhinestone sandals will look great with almost any casual outfit. Casual sandals should not be worn with an evening gown. Stiletto sandals look great with cocktail dresses. Platform sandals and slingback sandals are great dressy sandals. If you are participating in watersports, you should wear waterproof sandals. Flat womens sandals are great for a day at the beach. Casual sandals can be worn with shorts and a white shirt. Many women wear stiletto sandals in the summer. If you are wearing sandals in a workplace setting, you should make sure that the sandals are appropriate for your office.

Consider Your Wardrobe
Ideally, a woman should own several pairs of sandals. A woman who lives in a cold climate might opt for one pair of sandals, and a woman on a budget might choose to buy a few pairs of classy sandals. When you are searching for a great pair of women’s sandals, you should look for sandals that complement your wardrobe. Black sandals look great with neutral colors. You should opt for a pair of strappy leather sandals. If you own plenty of green and orange clothes, you should purchase a pair of brown women’s sandals. Rhinestones sandals look great with Earth tones. White sandals look great with blue jeans.

Lastly, make sure that the shoes are a perfect fit. You will wear your sandals for several hours, so you should make sure that your sandals do not give your feet calluses, corns or blisters. Whatever the occasion do not settle for an unflattering pair of sandals. The perfect pair of women’s sandals will make your outfit look great, and they will make a statement about your personality.