Everything About Mary Jane Shoes

Everything You Need to Know about Mary Jane Shoes

Shoes have been worn by humans for thousands of years. Their original utilization was to help our ancestors prevent cuts, scrapes, and scratches from harming their feet. Wearing shoes — even though they were far from fashionable, like many are today — also helped fight infection, something that earlier generations without knowledge of medicine or basic health care procedures had problems with.

Shoes have, fortunately, developed over the years, having worked their way into being used by virtually everyone on planet Earth. They are produced in massive batches today, ranging in price from less than $10 to tens of thousands of dollars. People wanting to make fashion statements often use shoes as the cherries on their outfits’ proverbial tops. Every flat-footed shoe serves the same basic function as early humans wanted to carry out thousands of years ago — protecting their feet.

Today, Mary Jane Shoes are some of the past century’s most popular shoes. Movie stars of yesteryears wore them on screen, in interviews, out in public, and anywhere else women wanted to impress others. Mary Jane shoes originated in 1902 in the comic section of the New York Harold. Buster Brown was the piece of comedy that is responsible for the craze that used to surround Mary Jane Shoes many years ago.

The author of Buster Brown, Mr. Richard Felton Outcault, received much praise for his 1902 comic strip. As it became more and more popular, he realized that the shoes his characters donned were valuable. He sold the rights to produce these shoes for over 200 businesses, helping Mr. Outcault popularize them around the world.

Successful actor Shirley Temple — so influential she even has an alcoholic drink named after her — wore white Mary Jane shoes in the movie Baby Takes a Bow, marking the first time they were truly popularized in United States culture. The movie was shown in theaters all across the United States, and later, the entire world. Because it was so popular after being released 83 years ago, Mary Jane shoes gained the reputation they so very received directly after this movie.

Children also used to wear Mary Jane shoes quite often in the early 1930s, with virtually everyone showing off this footwear except grown men. Girls started to become the exclusive wearer of these shoes due largely to Shirley Temple’s popularization of Mary Jane shoes.

The clothing staple of Mary Jane shoes proverbially came out of the fabrics that held them in every demographic except for young girls. Female toddlers, babies, infants, and young children still don these shoes, all the way in the highly-advanced, progressive 2010s. Many things in common culture are far more trendy today than they were a century ago and longer, meaning fads come and go quite frequently in today’s age. People were not as easily influenced today as they were in the first few decades of the popular shoe’s lifetime, meaning that the Mary Jane footwear rang true as one of the few most popular shoes for many years.

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