Selecting Eyewear Brand House Direct

 Selecting Eyewear Brand House Direct


Whether you run your own business or are just in charge of your staff, their safety is your highest priority. In jobs where eye protection is a must, you want to ensure that your team has the best quality eyewear around. By following the tips outlined below, you’ll be sure to purchase the best eyewear possible from Brand House Direct.

The first tip we have for you about selecting eyewear from Brand House Direct is to see what the impact protection rating is. The whole point of wearing eye protection is to keep your employees safe from flying debris. You want to ensure that the actual lenses will withstand this flying debris. This is done by picking a moderately high impact protection piece of eyewear. You can see the ratings on the different pieces when searching online at Brand House Direct. Realize that every industry is going to have different requirements as employees will be working with different materials. Just ensure you have set a minimum standard for your staff.

Employees that wear prescription glasses are going to be another factor you need to take into consideration. While contact lenses may be an easy alternative, some of your employees may feel more comfortable with traditional glasses. This is something that you’re going to have to work with. The most obvious solution will be to purchase protective eyewear that can go over their own prescription glasses. However, if you have employees that are long-term, you may want to offer the options of prescription lenses in their protective eyewear pieces. These pieces will only work for the individual employee but can make a world of difference in how they feel when performing the tasks their job entails.

There are various additions you can add to your lenses such as scratch coating, fog resistant coating, tinted lenses, padded nosepieces, polarization, and so much more. The demands of your employees and the working conditions in which they find themselves are going to highly determine the additions that you opt for when selecting protective eyewear from Brand House Direct. For example, if you have workers that are constantly moving between different temperature zones, then getting fog resistant coating on all the protective eyewear is going to be a major benefit. You should take some time to assess the different environments that your employees are going to be in and pick additions for their protective eyewear from Brand House Direct that fit these environments.

As you can see, there are many factors that go into picking the right protective eyewear for your employees from Brand House Direct. This task may seem difficult at first. However, if you simply follow the helpful tips above, you’ll be sure to make a great selection that will enhance the productivity of your employees and keep them safe all day long.

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