Summer Women’s Sandals

Summer Women’s Sandals

Beaches are heating up. Boots are being put away. It’s now time to grab your favourite women’s sandals and get ready for summer. Whether you are the flip-flop type who prefers casual t-shirts and cut-off shorts, or the dress-up type who wants to flatter long, toned legs with a great wedge, there is a summer sandal style you will love.

Women’s Sandals Styles

Thongs – Think ‘flip-flops’. This style has a vee- strap that connects between your toes for easy slip-on and slip-off wear. Casual and fun, these sandals are great for summer weekends at the beach.

Lace-ups – Elegant and slimming, these sandals have long straps that wind around your ankle and up your calf. Lace, leather and other materials can be used for the straps, each lending a unique look to the sandals and your outfits. Womens sandals

Flats – When you want to be a bit more dressy, but still comfortable, flats are the way to go. These women’s sandals have no heel.

Of course, there are plenty of other styles. T-straps, criss-cross straps, high-heeled and more allow women to choose heel heights, comfortable patterns, and different looks.

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Compliment Your Wardrobe

Did you know a classic pair of sandals can compliment many outfits? A T-strap in a neutral tone can be worn to the office and to baseball practice for your son. Jeweled flats can be worn with your beach cover-up or your best mini-skirt and tank-top. Pick a pair of bold-colored women’s sandals to compliment all of the eye-popping color schemes of summer. Great sandals can stretch your wardrobe, making new looks out of old clothes. Just use your imagination and some fantastic accessories.

Focal Point Sandals

This year instead of putting emphasis on a great top or a slimming skirt, let your feet do the talking. Pick a pair of tropical-colored sandals (think lime greens or vivid oranges) in a figure-flattering style. Use neutral-toned clothing to draw the attention to your feet and legs. Make sure you have a great pedicure to make those sandals ‘pop’.

Sandals Advantages

Use your sandals to your advantage. Do you have a show-stopping maxi dress, but it is too long? Wedges will give you the lift you need without having to hem that dress. Are you tall, with long, sexy legs? Attract attention in a stunning pair of fancy flats. Wrap white silky straps up and around your ankles to show off slim legs and warm summer tans.

Women’s sandals are perfect for every outfit and every body. Try on a pair today.

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